The Café

At Solhampton we have a 60 seater Café in which you can get breakfasts ranging from the Mega Breakfast  to a cup of tea or a piece of toast. We can provide rolls and sandwiches and a selection of homemade cakes by request.



Mega Breakfast £8.50 ( Includes two toast and Tea/Coffee)
Big Breakfast £7.00 ( Includes two toast and Tea / Coffee)
Breakfast £6.00 (Includes one toast and Tea/Coffee)



Bacon £3.00
Sausage £3.00
Bacon & Sausage £3.50
Sausage & Egg £3.20
Bacon & Egg £3.20
Bacon, Sausage & Egg £4.00

Toast two slices £1.00
Beans on Toast £3.00
Tomatoes on Toast £3.00
Egg on Toast £3.00



Valley Pool

Welcome to the Valley……

30 pegs,

Current record:
E.Bloxham 317lb

Previous record: – Evening
B Homer 249lb 4ozs (4 hours)
The Valley Pool is our top match pool to date with any of the 30 pegs capable of producing in excess of 200lb. The Valley Pool pegs 29-22 have a shelf approximately 10 feet wide and 3 feet deep, running the lenght of the pool with a drop off of up to 6 feet.

Pegs 1-18 are of basin shape and drop off to 6 feet with the exception of peg 8, which is known as the sandbar because in the past floods have left a bar of red sand which the fish swim right up onto.The main tactics are start at 11.5 meters on the deck and gradually as the day goes on move back into the margins.

Up in the water is also successful on pellet and corn. Top baits vary with the weather and pegs tend to fish better when the wind is in your face ,corn,pellet,worm and caster and maggots, with paste fishing well in warm conditions.

Partridge Pool

Welcome to the Partridge……

23 pegs,

new record:
Carl Jones 169lb

previous record:
andy welding 113lb-08oz

As the highest situated pool at the fishery, the Partridge has some of the best views overlooking the Dragonfly and Valley pools.

The most distinguishing feature of the Partridge is its long narrow shape, it has 25 pegs which are all on the right side as you approach.

Kingfisher Pool

Welcome to the Kingfisher……

34 pegs,

Current record:
Carl Jones (Maver) 325lb

The main feature of the Kingfisher Pool is the island in the middle which can be reached from all pegs.

It has a 3 foot shelf running round the entire pool; the near bank and far bank have a channel of approximately 6 meters running in the middle all the way round, except on pegs 5-7 where there is a half moon shape going from the nearside bank down to 5 -6 feet deep to the island.

The pool has a heavy concentration of stockies which are rapidly putting on weight, but don’t be fooled, there are a load of lumps in there as well!

Duck Pool

Welcome to the Duck……

22 Pegs,

Current record:
Pete Rice 300lb 2oz
The oldest pool on the fishery, with really dark coloured wild carp, they are the biggest and the hardest fighting at the fishery. The pool is also stocked with bream, rudd and cruicans. The Duck Pool probably produces 3-4 different methods of fishing, from up in the water at 13.5 metres to waggler fishing to the island along with deep and shallow margin fishing. Taking 2 pegs as examples peg 21, fish 16 metres to the island up in the water fishing banded or soft pellet or fish close into the margins on corn or paste, under the willow.
Example 2, peg 5, known as the suicide peg and a reputation for breaking sections so be careful.

Fish to the left in front of the reeds, be careful when you hook one as they head north to the willow roots!

Main baits corn, pellets, paste, worm and casters.

Dragonfly Pool

Welcome to the Dragonfly pool……

38 pegs,

Current Record
A Barker  278lb

Previous Record
Geoff Church 262lb -08 oz

Previous Record
Mick Howells 230lb-14oz

The deepest at 9 feet and the most unpredictable pool on the fishery, a real anglers’ pool!! The pool is well stocked with carp, tench, bream, rudd and roach. The tench and bream running up to 6lb.

This pool has a reputation with pleasure anglers that they have to finish by 2’oclock because their arms are aching!

The left bank is basin shaped and the dam wall the same; the right bank has a shelf of 4 feet running from pegs 2-7. Main baits are pellet, corn and maggots, fished in the margins.

Best tactics depending on the weather are straight out at 11 metres fishing on the deck, coming in to the margins on pegs 2-14 and coming onto 4 metres straight out in front on pegs 15-25. Pegs 30-38 have just been completed.

Buzzard Pool

Welcome to the Buzzard Pool……

25 pegs,

Current Record

Josh Millard 288lb on 30th August 2016

Previous record:
Neil Rymer 262lb on 20th August 2014

This pool has been stocked with Carp up to 25lb, Bream, Tench and Roach.

There are three underwater “sunken islands” down the centre of the pool creating a variety of depths and fish holding features. These should be helpful in the colder months: in the warmer months plenty of fish come from close in. Maggot was the in form bait for the first few matches but pellet and corn now seem to be taking over.

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