Solhampton Fishery Rules

  1. Pay before you fish
  2. Dip your boots before you fish
  3. No Visitors Unless By Permission
  4. Strictly no Dogs
  5. No Picnics On The Banks
  6. Please use toilets (by the cafe) and put litter in bins
  7. Do not leave cigarette ends or litter on or by your peg
  8. No landing nets or keep nets, the fishery provide both
  9. All nets to be put awayin net boxes as you found them
  10. Any damages to nets to be paid for by the club or person
  11. Barbless hooks only, maximum size 12, hook checks are made during matches
  12. No Floating Baits
  13. No Luncheon Meat/Cat/Dog Or Any Other Meat
  14. No Hemp Or Groundbait
  15. No Maccaroni Or Pasta
  16. No Bloodworm Or Joker
  17. No Boilies
  18. Bread Is Allowed But Only Punched
  19. No Floating Pole / Pole Tapping Or Cupping Of Water
  20. No Elastics Stronger Than 16
  21. No Rhythm Sticks Or Shock Sticks
  22. No Elasticated Method Feeders
  23. No Feeder Floats
  24. No Braided Hook Lengths Or Line
  25. All Pole Rigs Must Have A Fixed Float 6” Minimum From The Tip Of Your Pole
  26. All fish to be netted, no swinging of Fish
  27. No mugging of Fish
  28. All Feed Pellets To Be Purchased From Fishery. Hook Pellets Can Be Of Your Own Choice
  29. Solhampton Fishery Paste only
  30. 2 pint overall limit on Maggots and Casters, 1/2 kilo worms
  32. All fish to be weighed in using Fishery Scales and Bags
  33. Weighing in by Fishery Staff or by club with prior arrangement
  34. Failure to comply with the rules will result in a ban and no refund