The Café

At Solhampton we have a 60 seater Café in which you can get breakfasts ranging from the Mega Breakfast  to a cup of tea or a piece of toast. We can provide rolls and sandwiches and a selection of homemade cakes by request.



Mega Breakfast £8.50 ( Includes two toast and Tea/Coffee)
Big Breakfast £7.00 ( Includes two toast and Tea / Coffee)
Breakfast £6.00 (Includes one toast and Tea/Coffee)



Bacon £3.00
Sausage £3.00
Bacon & Sausage £3.50
Sausage & Egg £3.20
Bacon & Egg £3.20
Bacon, Sausage & Egg £4.00

Toast two slices £1.00
Beans on Toast £3.00
Tomatoes on Toast £3.00
Egg on Toast £3.00